Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Cause: Knee pain can be caused by multiple reasons. Sudden Injury, an overuse injury or by an underlying condition such as arthritis. Treatment depends on the cause. Symptoms: Pain, Swelling or stiffness

Sadhana K. Shah

“Dear Ramesh Sir, I feel very good after treatment, less pain and I feel now better & your staff is a very good response. She was very good, handled everyone and politely. Thank you, everyone.”

Kejal Soni

“I was suggested by my relatives to do physio here. My First day was very painful as my range was only 30% but with efforts of Dr. Ramesh & Dr. Nandini I have improved a lot. Highly recommended clinic, as all the doctors are very friendly and helpful. Worth...

Purva Chaudhary

“So, I came here with a pain in my back and as advised by you took 10 sessions of physio & the excercises which you gave, and taught. I feel completely fine now. Excercises are really helpful & helps in muscle strengthening. Also each and every doctor is...

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